Low Yield II - Denmark (By ECPA)

Cumulative impact of hazard-based legislation on crop protection products in Europe

(Nov. 2019, Steward Redqueen. Ordered by European Crop Protection Association)

For five key staple crops, the currently available farming toolbox allows Denmark to produce an additional 1,500,000t and generate an additional €212 million value per year than if the 75 at-risk substances were not included. A restricted toolbox will also affect the economic viability of specialty crops: 78,000t of output and €9 million would be at stake. Further results include:

  • In the short run for the crops in scope, Danish farmers will lose on average, 8% of their yield with a restricted toolbox;
  • Variable production costs for the crops would increase by up to 9% per hectare;
  • The average gross margin per hectare enjoyed by the Danish farmer will drop to 40%.
  • Danish crop agriculture provides approximately 22,000 direct jobs, of which 14,200 depend on the crops covered in the study